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You have potential

Keep practicing dude, the animation was great, you have potential. You should as well develop your own style, and you might as well get a frontpage someday!

BTW, you should add sound effects

No idea how you can make your animations so smooth

Long time since I did click the 10 button. Well, the truth is that I'm not giving 10's if the movie, or game, isn't about perfect. Okey, how did you make the animation so smooth...... and perfect?? And the blockhead humor is awesome, both are pluses, and this movie deserves this 10, even if it was short, as you said yourself.

Could've been way better

Not bad, but absolutely too short. Make it at least 2 minutes long next time. The animation was pretty good, but you could've made it a lot better, and i find those stick fighting movies really boring if they don't have any blood. You could also add more special effects, some weapons and some special powers, still a good attempt, but there's a lot of things to improve on.

XxMercsxX responds:

guns are hard to do with sticks. There was another 30 seconds before the flash started with a shootout, but the animation was crap so I cut it out.
IM NOT DOING A 2 MINUTE LONG REAL-PERSON ANIMATION WHERE PEOPLE HAVE 'SPECIAL POWERS' thats kinda gay. Reminds me of that really weird show Dragon Ball Z. They shoot lights and stuff... I dont get it. They just wanna hold the dragon's balls?
Anyway, thanks for the reveiw but Id rather read strum jockey's points rather than give my 'heroes' powers. Plus, its the animation that counts, not the amount of blood. These kind of stick animations need to look smooth, not blood red...

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It's a good game, don't get me wrong

I must say, it really is a great game, but you know what, there wasn't much new since the last one. Yeah, you added some new game modes, and a few more features, but that isn't enough. I got some ideas, so I could call the next one a sequel, not an update, as I'm currently calling this.

1. Sandbox/Experimental Mode; to train you up and so, but don't just remove the brick amount and so, let users decide the weather (you had rain, add more types, like Ice) and such.
2. Custom challenge; Allowing users to add their own rules and such for a game, like amount of blocks, type of blocks etc...
3. Heavier, and lighter blocks; Some blocks could be heavy (steel?) some could be normal (wood?) and some light (light material here)

And even if you said that you couldn't have unlimited amount of blocks, you can yet try it.

Oh yeah, I'm definitely not trying to sound harsh, I gave you a 5/10, but I'm trying to help you making your games better. A good game made better makes a great game!

ttursas responds:

Number one is already planned to the third iteration of this idea. :) I just need to come up with a couple of other, new ideas, and some other stuff, and I'll do it.

Number two, sounds very good! I'll think about that! I'm pretty sure you'll get to see that one day...

Number three, I actually thinked about that, but then forgot to do it. XD Seemed a bit "just a nice thing, but doesn't add to gameplay that much"...

Unlimited blocks, yes, I tried 350 blocks, and that was too much, the physics engine crashed. Out of memory?

So, I must say, scary

Awesome, the graphics, they were great, and the 'scariness' was high. It really had a spooky feeling in it and it was very enjoyable.

The game had some great mystery concepts as well. It was really fun to read the diary pages and getting to know something about the history of the house. The graphics on the diary pages were great, and that the older pages were bloodier than the first ones, gave a good effect.

Sounds was as well great and the puzzles were easy but still fun.

Amazing graphics, as I said. 3D is hard to model, but you did that great! The inventory screen looked nice, even if it was nothing special.

The camera was a good thing, which made this somewhat more like a game where you needed good reflexes. As a photographer, I really liked this.

The side missions were also fun, so great on that too!

But on to the complaining part; the game was short. I think a really long game like this, with big variety and a save feature would be great. When I'm talking about a save feature, I would, of course, want a game that takes several hours to finish. Another improvement would be a bigger house. This would of course be a lot of work, as everything is 3D. Anyway, a sequel in a big castle would be great, of course.

Another thing which I would've enjoyed would be that you would get more information on what happened, and maybe the skeletons should've had some scratches and such, which might would've given a clue about their death.

And more items of course.

And a last thing, the "You Win" screen could've had a better look. Some fancy text isn't still fancy. Think about that thing next time!

So, good work, one of the best Point 'n Click adventure games I've ever played!

Psionic3D responds:

great comments, thanks for feedback, very much appreciated!!

Graphics = Great!

I played this game the first time while I were bored, after that, I wasn't bored anymore!

What I'm telling you, is that you did a great job recreating the cold and dark times of the first WW. The dark but well made graphics was definitely good, while tanks had the power to kill a lot, feared and with no friendly relation with the enemy.

The campaign could've gotten a bit more of a story, but anyway, it was well made, even if no that great story there.

After the missions you got some not that very useful stats, but they were still fun to look at. Showing which one were the worst them with red was good, even if it won't get that useful when it's 2 teams, 4 stats...

The menus were well made, they were graphically nice and easy to use and navigate with.

All units had their +'s and -'s, making them either good or bad at something. The strategical meaning the trenches gave was big and had a large meaning at the battlefield. The way you controlled the trenches was good.

Mines could be both a hope and a fear. Good thing!

What I would like to be fixed, so this could get a 9, or possibly even a 10 more differences between the both armies, and more strategical important terrain types.

More unit types could as well be good, which would make it more strategically complex.

You could probably make a second world war game, with more strategical important things, but it's still one of the best RTS games in flash there is, good work man!

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Let's see....

I think it started too loud, I think the intro could've been slower. Anyway, I liked the beat, and the tunes which started at 0:28 was really awesome. The darker tones which started at about 1:30 made the song sound interesting and made it non-repetitive. Good job there too! The happier tones which started at about 2:12 did still sound a bit sad, but it did make it less repetitive, which is good! It continued without getting repetitive, at about 3:08 it started to get happy again, wow, you've done this great! Now, then it started to get repetitive, but you changed the tempo a bit at about 3:52, so it wasn't to repetitive, just a bit there. The beat that started at about 4:09 was also well made, transition was great, as at all of the other changes in in this song.

You removed the beepy beat at about 4:52, great, this was another thing to make the song more interesting, awesome dude! The fade-out at the end was also good, and I loved the drum beat trough the whole song!

So, an overview about this review is, awesome song! You fixed things that could've gotten repetitive, and that's pure awesomeness that you did it! Many trance songs are not so good because they are repetitive, this wasn't, that's one of the many reasons I'm putting this as a new #1 on my favorites list! Awesome!

Kr1z responds:

Your right, I've worked alot to make the song LONG but not REPEATIVE.
Very hard, but i kinda succeeded!
Lots of effort, so im glad u appreciate it!!
Thanks for the review & the fav!!

Sounds cool

Sounds pretty cool, but I think you could've let the bass be a bit stronger. Just personal opinion.

It's not repetitve at all, which is very important, good job!

It did also loop good, great!


Not a bad track you got there, it remembered me about some midi song but I'm not sure which. Either way, good work, it did sound really good!

Shanetheguy responds:

thnx man. I love gettin feedback. Check out my other songs n review :)

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You need something to catch the viewers attraction

The image looks pretty plain and boring. Why? There's nothing of interest in there. It's a tunnel, and the tunnel is pretty well done, but it's just a tunnel, that's it. You need something to catch the viewers attraction, especially at the left side of the picture...

7IsUnlucky responds:

Rainbow beachball of death?

Amazing Colors

Awesome choice of colors and a great, yet simple, background matching very well with the rest of the picture, good job!

Badass, but the earth...

It looks very very good, but the earth would need some work. More clouds, and some landmasses too, as what it now is is just water, with very few clouds.

I just don't think the earth did live up to the quality of the rest of this amazing piece of art

Keep up the good work!

Rhunyc responds:

Thanks thanks! And yeah, I know what you mean. To be honest, it was originally just flames below him, but someone pointed out that it was too distracting, so for a last minute fix, I threw the planet in to gain more attention to Master Chief. xD

So yeah... I should probably go back in and fix the planet sometime. :P xD

I love creating stuff

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