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You have potential

Keep practicing dude, the animation was great, you have potential. You should as well develop your own style, and you might as well get a frontpage someday!

BTW, you should add sound effects

No idea how you can make your animations so smooth

Long time since I did click the 10 button. Well, the truth is that I'm not giving 10's if the movie, or game, isn't about perfect. Okey, how did you make the animation so smooth...... and perfect?? And the blockhead humor is awesome, both are pluses, and this movie deserves this 10, even if it was short, as you said yourself.

Could've been way better

Not bad, but absolutely too short. Make it at least 2 minutes long next time. The animation was pretty good, but you could've made it a lot better, and i find those stick fighting movies really boring if they don't have any blood. You could also add more special effects, some weapons and some special powers, still a good attempt, but there's a lot of things to improve on.

XxMercsxX responds:

guns are hard to do with sticks. There was another 30 seconds before the flash started with a shootout, but the animation was crap so I cut it out.
IM NOT DOING A 2 MINUTE LONG REAL-PERSON ANIMATION WHERE PEOPLE HAVE 'SPECIAL POWERS' thats kinda gay. Reminds me of that really weird show Dragon Ball Z. They shoot lights and stuff... I dont get it. They just wanna hold the dragon's balls?
Anyway, thanks for the reveiw but Id rather read strum jockey's points rather than give my 'heroes' powers. Plus, its the animation that counts, not the amount of blood. These kind of stick animations need to look smooth, not blood red...

Better than your first one

But still, your animation wasn't really an animation, sorry..... It was more like madness characters that moved from one place to another, like a slideshow...... You know what I mean.....

The filesize is really high, compress sounds.....

Good luck

DP responds:

Still no. It technically is an animation but all i have to say is that the 3rd one has a much better animation

Great everything!

I'm not kidding, the animation was great, the graphics awesome, you did really put effort to this one! Hope we'll see a NG Showdown 2 next year. The idea in this movie (wow, i did write game there 3 times before i successfully wrote movie) was somewhat original, you know, there's still Pico's school, but you did a lot of changes when it comes to how the school looked and that. I say only one thing, great work, no i say two things, great work and keep it up!!

I like this one!

I like this flash, but hated the ads..... By the way, I've heard that SmileyCentral is adware

Cool movie

I've watched your other ones in this series, and I think this is my fav of them, good work!


Cool movie, but I have one question - what is the song in the beginning called?

MarcyVF responds:

It's from Sim City 4 - just called SC4g2 or something lol.


Good collab

But King Kong was there too many times :(

Just another madness clone

Also, the animation was bad, it wasn't bloody enough, all guns shouldn't have sound the same. Another thing is that you didn't make any original artwork, which you should do next time. I didn't get any madness feeling from this movie, and I think you should try harder next time, so good luck.

DP responds:

And what do you consider madness feeling?

I love creating stuff

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