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It's a good game, don't get me wrong

I must say, it really is a great game, but you know what, there wasn't much new since the last one. Yeah, you added some new game modes, and a few more features, but that isn't enough. I got some ideas, so I could call the next one a sequel, not an update, as I'm currently calling this.

1. Sandbox/Experimental Mode; to train you up and so, but don't just remove the brick amount and so, let users decide the weather (you had rain, add more types, like Ice) and such.
2. Custom challenge; Allowing users to add their own rules and such for a game, like amount of blocks, type of blocks etc...
3. Heavier, and lighter blocks; Some blocks could be heavy (steel?) some could be normal (wood?) and some light (light material here)

And even if you said that you couldn't have unlimited amount of blocks, you can yet try it.

Oh yeah, I'm definitely not trying to sound harsh, I gave you a 5/10, but I'm trying to help you making your games better. A good game made better makes a great game!

ttursas responds:

Number one is already planned to the third iteration of this idea. :) I just need to come up with a couple of other, new ideas, and some other stuff, and I'll do it.

Number two, sounds very good! I'll think about that! I'm pretty sure you'll get to see that one day...

Number three, I actually thinked about that, but then forgot to do it. XD Seemed a bit "just a nice thing, but doesn't add to gameplay that much"...

Unlimited blocks, yes, I tried 350 blocks, and that was too much, the physics engine crashed. Out of memory?

So, I must say, scary

Awesome, the graphics, they were great, and the 'scariness' was high. It really had a spooky feeling in it and it was very enjoyable.

The game had some great mystery concepts as well. It was really fun to read the diary pages and getting to know something about the history of the house. The graphics on the diary pages were great, and that the older pages were bloodier than the first ones, gave a good effect.

Sounds was as well great and the puzzles were easy but still fun.

Amazing graphics, as I said. 3D is hard to model, but you did that great! The inventory screen looked nice, even if it was nothing special.

The camera was a good thing, which made this somewhat more like a game where you needed good reflexes. As a photographer, I really liked this.

The side missions were also fun, so great on that too!

But on to the complaining part; the game was short. I think a really long game like this, with big variety and a save feature would be great. When I'm talking about a save feature, I would, of course, want a game that takes several hours to finish. Another improvement would be a bigger house. This would of course be a lot of work, as everything is 3D. Anyway, a sequel in a big castle would be great, of course.

Another thing which I would've enjoyed would be that you would get more information on what happened, and maybe the skeletons should've had some scratches and such, which might would've given a clue about their death.

And more items of course.

And a last thing, the "You Win" screen could've had a better look. Some fancy text isn't still fancy. Think about that thing next time!

So, good work, one of the best Point 'n Click adventure games I've ever played!

Psionic3D responds:

great comments, thanks for feedback, very much appreciated!!

Graphics = Great!

I played this game the first time while I were bored, after that, I wasn't bored anymore!

What I'm telling you, is that you did a great job recreating the cold and dark times of the first WW. The dark but well made graphics was definitely good, while tanks had the power to kill a lot, feared and with no friendly relation with the enemy.

The campaign could've gotten a bit more of a story, but anyway, it was well made, even if no that great story there.

After the missions you got some not that very useful stats, but they were still fun to look at. Showing which one were the worst them with red was good, even if it won't get that useful when it's 2 teams, 4 stats...

The menus were well made, they were graphically nice and easy to use and navigate with.

All units had their +'s and -'s, making them either good or bad at something. The strategical meaning the trenches gave was big and had a large meaning at the battlefield. The way you controlled the trenches was good.

Mines could be both a hope and a fear. Good thing!

What I would like to be fixed, so this could get a 9, or possibly even a 10 more differences between the both armies, and more strategical important terrain types.

More unit types could as well be good, which would make it more strategically complex.

You could probably make a second world war game, with more strategical important things, but it's still one of the best RTS games in flash there is, good work man!

A well made game which definitely is a favorite!

Awesome, the idea is great, but I've always hated golf flash games but loved golf TYPE flash games :)

What I liked was the graphics. They made me, let's say, happy. They we're simple but colorful. If you make a sequel, leave the graphics as they are; they might not be very complicated, but the simplicity of them make them great.

The idea, as said is great, and as well performed great. I really think the physics were well made and bug-free.

Another plus, a major one, is the achievements and unlockables. They give the game a feeling that there's been a lot of work put on it, while giving people even more fun! I've always liked this sort of thing in games, the fact that you did put it in your game will give you a plus, again!

The medals gave you a picture of how well you made while you played the round, great here too.

And I must give a huge plus for something as awesome as a level editor, it definitely does give the game a bigger replay value. The editor was well performed and easy to use, but I still think some instructions could be added there, as you did so well for the game itself.

Ideas for improving? Well, highscores would do awesome, as well as a bigger screen sometimes, thinking about the level editor.

In overall, you did a great job. This game definitely gets a place in my favorites, while I'm about to play it many times, while bored and while not!

Random and, annoying

Let's begin with good points, the animation was well made, graphics good (even if sprites) and the idea was kinda fun, even if old. What was new was that it was made with madness, as it haven't been made before,

It was very random. That can be good, and I think this game didn't really need a story with a red line, good.

The option panels could've been a bit better. They did what they should do and I didn't have problems reading the text. But the reason I'm yet crying about this is because they weren't very sexy. Still, that isn't a big minus, it's just a matter of a small thing which might have gone a bit wrong.

Every option was well made, no quick made in 5-mins work, great man!

But I do still want to tell you, what ruined the game. It was that, no matter what you choosed, you will die now, or then a while after. The thing that made this really annoying was that you had to start from the beginning, and do the same things again to continue. Checkpoints would be good maybe? You won't just restart from the last question, but only do a few questions again.

And well, nice work anyway, looking forward to a second next madness day!

Now, it was great, but got boring a bit fast...

Nice work on this, the physics was well made, and it had something new. So, yeah, this was somewhat like a recreation of tetris, but it had new things, as I said. The whole concept is changed pretty much, you got balls, no blocks. First, I tought you just changed the blocks, but you did also add physics, really great, several plus points for that, actually! Now, I think you should've chosen a tetris remix as the background music, but well, it's of course up to you!

Anyway, I think the graphics was okey, but still not very good, so maybe improve them then. Especially on the balls, the shiny part was to tall, maybe stretch it so it's lower?

And a final complaint, it got boring, absolutely too fast. That can ruin a game, seriously. What you could've fixed there would probably be to make the balls fall faster when you reach higher levels. And it could actually happen pretty fast.

Otherwise, as an overall, I would have to say that you did a nice job, but sadly, there was too many small things you did wrong. These are still very important in every game. You should think about every single detail, and make sure there isn't any small mistakes that gives your submissions lower scores. Good job anyway, keep it up and good luck on your following projects!

Really cool and enjoyable!

So, this game is basically well made. The concept is both fun, addicting and challenging, can't complain there. The amount of courses was a good amount, and that there was some user made levels and that you can make your own ones is a good thing, that makes it take even longer until this game will get boring. You can also challenge rest of the players by submitting your highscore, great job on that too!

But, still........ I think there should be an update, like a graphical update. You know, the game background was a paper, so, do those trees, that sand, that water or that hole match the background? No, I don't think so. Some more "doodle" like graphics could be great, or maybe just replace the white background with a green one. And by the way, maybe replace the squares (sand/water etc...) with something less "squarey". This, of course would make the level editor a little bit harder to make, because that would ruin the tile based system pretty much. Still, what if you have normal tiles and then some border tiles that don't have straight lines?

Other minus must be that I felt like I had to click the submit button a few times too much just to submit my highscore. A small miss.... And yes, multiplayer. How does that sound? For my ears, good. Maybe a cooperative mode, where you "shoot" the ball turnwise, and a versus mode where you fight for the best score. This could be made both online and/or hotseat, so you can play with your friends locally.

But don't think that I'm trying to say that this was a bad game, even if I complained so much about the graphics. I'm just trying to write a helpful review, and I think this was a good game, that definitely would've deserved a higher score than 3.50 which it is on right now. Good game, really liked it.

No idea why it is so great

This game is so simple, and graphics are "ugly", so why is it so great?

Well, really, the graphics aren't "ugly", they are actually pretty neat, and have a retro style, which I did like. And effects and everything was nicely done, even if really "pixley". But of course, it was meant to be in this game, and as I said, they are neat.

So there was other good parts with this game, like the feature to modify your dinos DNA. That was a plus. And one thing that is really important for arcade style games, different modes. That was found there, good.

You can buy levels. That gives the game a replay value, which definitely isn't bad.

And the game was somewhat realistic. This is hard to say, but still it looked realistic, and I liked that.

So, even if the file size might be large, it's worth a play (or two)!

Simple, addicting, fun....

The games I do enjoy is mostly those with a simple concept, and this was a game that had it. The games should also be addicting, and of course fun. Everything was found in this game.

This is a good timewaster, although it's repetitive. But it's still enjoyable, so good job, looking forward to more stuff from you!

Some effects doesn't make a game

Well, the game wasn't that different from a normal Breakout game. What I'm trying to say is that some effects doesn't make a game. And not enough with that, I found the effects annoying several times because it was easy to lose the ball inside all the effects.

If you're interested in making a sequel, you should make several changes, first, do something with the effects, lower the alpha or something. Then, maybe add power-ups, that wouldn't be bad. And a last thing, why is the quality low, and you can't even change it? So, a lot of work, huh? Well, on scripting, yes, on designing the game, no. That's what's wrong, you should take some time on the game design next time, and think about what do the players want, and what do they not.

Otherwise, I love breakout, and I think this game could've been way better only if you would've put some more work on designing the game.

I love creating stuff

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