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Let's see....

I think it started too loud, I think the intro could've been slower. Anyway, I liked the beat, and the tunes which started at 0:28 was really awesome. The darker tones which started at about 1:30 made the song sound interesting and made it non-repetitive. Good job there too! The happier tones which started at about 2:12 did still sound a bit sad, but it did make it less repetitive, which is good! It continued without getting repetitive, at about 3:08 it started to get happy again, wow, you've done this great! Now, then it started to get repetitive, but you changed the tempo a bit at about 3:52, so it wasn't to repetitive, just a bit there. The beat that started at about 4:09 was also well made, transition was great, as at all of the other changes in in this song.

You removed the beepy beat at about 4:52, great, this was another thing to make the song more interesting, awesome dude! The fade-out at the end was also good, and I loved the drum beat trough the whole song!

So, an overview about this review is, awesome song! You fixed things that could've gotten repetitive, and that's pure awesomeness that you did it! Many trance songs are not so good because they are repetitive, this wasn't, that's one of the many reasons I'm putting this as a new #1 on my favorites list! Awesome!

Kr1z responds:

Your right, I've worked alot to make the song LONG but not REPEATIVE.
Very hard, but i kinda succeeded!
Lots of effort, so im glad u appreciate it!!
Thanks for the review & the fav!!

Sounds cool

Sounds pretty cool, but I think you could've let the bass be a bit stronger. Just personal opinion.

It's not repetitve at all, which is very important, good job!

It did also loop good, great!


Not a bad track you got there, it remembered me about some midi song but I'm not sure which. Either way, good work, it did sound really good!

Shanetheguy responds:

thnx man. I love gettin feedback. Check out my other songs n review :)


Golden sun, great games. I've always loved them and I hate that they stopped making new ones. I did also love the audio in Golden Sun, especially the main theme. Amazing recreation of the main theme this, sounds really good, great job, thanks!

Really catchy!

This track is a really good one, a masterpiece actually! It was really catchy, and that's what counts!

There's a few things....

It's really catchy, but the organ sounds are going a bit wrong now and then. Otherwise a good song, nice work on it!

alix1 responds:

Thanks for the review! could you please pm me and tell me what i need to fix?
I want to make this the best possible. thanks for the good review!

p.s. there is no organ in this.

Really good

This one did really sound good, but it get's annoying after a pretty short long time. Still good work, could be used in a menu :)

MattehX9 responds:

Thanks :)
Hope it can be used in one of your flash menus ^^

Good? No, great!

It wasn't good, it was GREAT! Really, really good work, keep it up!

That was, said simple: AWESOME!!

I do love this song, I hope I'll be able to use it some flash sometime, could be a great menu song or something, good work, I can't really see any downsides, it was a perfect piece!

Not bad.....

I really like it, good work!

To reviewer below: Don't make ParagonX9 sad, even if this is at the same quality level as his songs.....

I love creating stuff

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