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You asked for it!

Posted by AntoArts-Admin - October 31st, 2009

Here's some more screenshots from MSC 3: Evo....

User Interface
A bunch of objects


Comments (23)

the axe looks strange but thats just me...

I don't know if axe is the right word for that anyway, but it's meant to be a bit different than most other axes

Looking good, but it's disheartening that you say "This year"....

I know you don't wanna rush it, but how far is it actually? 20%? 40%? 80%?

I got all code done, I got 50% of backgrounds done and around 50-70% of objects done



"Error - Your response was too short. Please add more and try again."

Fire axe ftw.

Shall remember, there's a lot of suggestions still to take into consideration

got an idea u should put AVP (alien versus predator) weapons costumes i think its a strange idea but i put the ideas as they come 2 the top of my head LOL

I will look into some, don't expect too much from AVP but you can at least expect something.

I can't add too much stuff now, I want it done this year!!

i a question is there a defiant date to where its comeing out so i can stop looking at you home page

No, it's hard to say, I will release it when it's done ;)

i thought u were releasing it in oct or have u released it? plz reply

It will be released this year

Dude im am tired waiting i wanna see pics of my ideas in the game or on a new post

I'm very sorry for taking some time and all, but school is taking loads of time... I barely have gotten anything done this month, and I would've wanted it almost done by now :/

Well, got to work some more in December, I really don't want to disappoint you guys, neither because of a low quality result, nor because of not releasing it in time

has it been released yet i'm bored of waiting

It's been a long time since I've commented here, lol. It's nice to see you have progressed pretty good.

u know you should have wwII guns in msc 3

cool. note:im too lazy to comment

I can't take more suggestions for the expansion now. I want, for once be able to follow a release date, and its pretty tight now (school stole my time). I will work really hard during the christmas break, I promise!

Whatya waiting for, christmas?

MAKE l4d2 stuff in it, like the boomer bomb, moltov, all the stuff from l4d2 and the characters and infected PLZ

so is it coming out in b4 2010?

u have like 20 summin days or maybe less to release it dnt dissapoint us

I hope I won't, I got less time than I thought (school)

@piemanwantsamunkey! he cant take anymore suggestions it sez in a comment so he probably wnt put l4d2 stuff in tho it'd be cool u'll just have to ait and see if he does another expansion after this one

plzzzzzzz hurry only 9 dayz left till xmas and like 13-15 days till 2010 if ur off skewl after this friday plzz spend most of ur time if u can on it

I will spend at least 3 hours a day working on it during christmas break

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