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MSC 3: Evolution Splash/Load Screen

Posted by AntoArts-Admin - September 2nd, 2009

Look, it's bloody!!

Micro scene: Check Out!!!!

MSC 3: Evolution Splash/Load Screen

Comments (17)

Heres my wishlist for the things in your next msc. Please put these in.
1.Weapons-SPAS, Winchester, Keyboard, Frying pan, FireAxe, Midevil (i know thats not how you spell it) Swords and staffs.
2.New section- Bullets.
3.More organs and dismembered stuff like bones and legs and stuff
4.New section-Destructed stuff like holes in and parts of a wall.
5.(Last one) Vehicles
Cant wait to see it. Im sorry my list is so long im just hoping that these will be in it. When is it coming out? And are there going to be more scenarios. Cant wait.

1. I will take some of those into consideration. The keyboard will definitely be in, as I'm making a whole instrument set so you can make a scene with a band or something like that.

2. I won't create a new section, but I can add more bullets. They are in the misc. section btw!

3. Sure, that would be awesome!

4. Yeah, let's try that

5. Already planned ;)

It's a bit late but I will try to do as much as possible of this :)

It will come out this year, I can't say it more precise than that. There will be around 10 new backgrounds/scenarios

sorry i forgot a spas was already in it

No problem :D

You should try to get scouted

I was scouted but I got unscouted, it was during the time NG got hacked... :(


Still, It's... ~~bloooodeyyyy~~

Lazy is just my first name, lol...

I will, I will

i thought of a good idea!
why not make it to where 1 2 3 4 etc. changes the models color...
may take longer but im patient enough to wait :D

That's an idea (or part of an idea) for MSC 4. In MSC 4 I want all objects to be fully customizable, you can change colors, but also change the look of the objects in general.

I couldve sworn it was going to be made today ):
One question?
Will it be free rotate and resize? Like instead of rotating the same way everytime its more different?

There will be the option to more precisely rotate and resize objects

put halo armour and weapons in it +fallout 3 bos power armour

I'm probably getting some HL2 stuff in there, but I don't know about those

put medevil amour and wepons

Yeah, that will be cool :D

1 thing for sure add more shotguns. last one only had like 2 or 3

Sure, that will do!

Still only 13, eh?

A week and I'm 14, if that makes you happier :P

yoo msc 3 is awsome but it wud be more awsome if there was like star wars stuff in it cos i saw in the original msc 3 there are a few lightsabers and maybe u could add like a turret or summin to put into scenes

Turrets? I haven't even thought of that!

Oh yeah! Add in more army stuff like weapons, like rifles and stuff. Accessories like dogtags and beret's. Etc.

I hope this isnt spam ):

No, they are fine suggestions :)

Does it motivate you if I say I'll kill you if you don't have it done in the next month?

I will release it in a month or two, okay?

mmmm bloody blood!

ug i gotta stop coming on here just the MSC 3: Evolution Splash/Load Screen

I will post more soon

whoa its so bloody