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Featuring, the alpha tool

Posted by AntoArts-Admin - February 14th, 2009

Create cool effects with the new alpha tool in MSC 3: Evolution. 3 transparency levels! Worth waiting for!

Featuring, the alpha tool

Comments (9)

Hello, remember the everything collab?
Its Back.

Ok, looking forward!

Also, that looks pretty cool

Thanks ;)

Awesome Is It On Newgrounds??
If It Is, TELL ME!!!!!!

It's coming, it's coming!

its the end of the year...
cant wait for MSC4 :D or at least expansions and updates for the third one.

I think it yet will take a few months until I finish it, I don't want to rush it :)

A bright all green backround would be good, because on Windows Movie Maker, you could take a picture of it in greenscreen, and then put anything animated such as G-Mod things. So if I were to make a greenscreen picture and save it, i could make a video of me sitting in a chair looking like I'm sitting next to a madness character. And plus, since it's just all green, it won't extend the loading time. Since I have a hold of actionscript, I made a personal Madness scene creator with the greenscreen backround and it worked. So it would be extremely cool if you did that.

Sounds awesome, but I don't think everyone got the application for doing that...?

can't wait man

Hope it fulfills your expectations!

is just to create still images, or can you implement these effects you create somehow in your movie / whatever.

might wanna think about that if you havn't already. Tools look good, gj

Creating a full animation package is a bit too complex to do in flash, you would do better by just using flash, not using an animator done in flash

and its coming out when?

May-June probably, no idea yet...

yay zombeehz this time too :)