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Comments (11)

Not really

Well, I'll try to make them bloodier XD

make the body blood splater biger and wackier like the heads ones

Sure, I figured out the body looks lame compared to the head...

blood would splatter on the ground and run down the body

There are specific blood splatter objects ;)

dam nice

Glad you like it!

you should put Minnie spikes on body

Sounds sweet, will do!

I think that the spreading of the blood is too few, it actually looks very central pointed.
Try to make it more splatter over the body, especially the body, the head looked good.

Also, make a bit lighter madness guy, I really hated the dark one in MSC 3, but that's your call :)

You mean the dark guy could be a bit more light, or the light guy could still be a bit more light?

The dark guy could be a bit more light.
But you can decide that, as long as you make the damn thing already! :P

I know, I suck at keeping timelines, damn I'm lazy :/

But suggestion noted :)

I forgot to tell: at MSC: 3, some of the blood and some effects are almost impossible to get with the mouse. It only catches it if I stand on the PRECISE spot, and I can't always tell where that is.

Oh and maybe you should also make a head facing the camera, it makes good shots :)

ill just say its gonna be epic


you have got to get on the site more often anto im practicly running without you and i dont know how much i can do till the site needs worked on.

Yeah, I will try, working on a lot of stuff....

needs more nails and blood!
nah jk good work

Glad you like them, now I should just get working on it :/