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AntoArts-Admin's News

Posted by AntoArts-Admin - July 4th, 2008

AntoArts BBS (my forum), will get loads of updates in a short while. I beginned this today by adding a new theme and a shoutbox!

If you aren't a member yet, why not register today? We have got a shoutbox (as said), several boards (mainly entertainment & art) and a lot more. Over 100 members, over 28,5k posts and 900 topics! You can also post polls! Our topics are mainly of high quality and the users are friendly and helpful!

New planned features coming soon:
-Advanced profiles:
---Personal Photo/Art Albums
---About Me field
---Buddy lists

Posted by AntoArts-Admin - June 12th, 2008

Check it out!

Posted by AntoArts-Admin - June 11th, 2008

Tomorrow is a big day. First, my half year project, MSC 3, will be released. Second, my site will turn one year old, AntoArts is still soon 2 years old. The 13th, the day after tomorrow, will be my forums birthday!

So well, MSC 3 have been kinda fun to create, even if it might have been a bit frustrating with many bugs and delays. I want to thank everyone who have still supported MSC 3, and waited passioned. In fact you don't know what MSC 3 is; it's a Madness Scene Creator, but I've acctually put effort into it, read about the features here!

I'm gonna release the game exclusively for my site, AntoArts.Com, and for Newgrounds.

My next game will probably be a top down view shooting game, but might also be some sort of arcade game. I'm not really sure yet.

Posted by AntoArts-Admin - June 10th, 2008

Yeah, I'll try to release it on my site's birthday, June the 12th! And my next game, it will be a shooting game with a birds eye view perspective!

Discuss here!

Posted by AntoArts-Admin - June 9th, 2008

Posted by AntoArts-Admin - June 6th, 2008

News post #50!!

MSC 3, it's bloody!

Posted by AntoArts-Admin - June 5th, 2008

Many of the backgrounds was, until now, simple and pretty plain. I've now added shadows and all that, and they do look better!

Here's a scene created in MSC 3 with the retouched backgrounds!

Bloody MSC 3 image
Title Screen
It's a giant!!

MSC 3: Backgrounds retouched! A lot of images!

Posted by AntoArts-Admin - June 4th, 2008

Yey, MSC 3 pic!

I'll have the game finished this week (?), I'm really thinking I will finish it this week. I'm so sorry about these delays (It's been three months), but the game is coming, and it's coming this month, maybe even next week!

DAMN, BBS ban 3 days :'(

Oh no! The madness character is burning alive!!

Posted by AntoArts-Admin - May 28th, 2008

So here's another picture, got the gun flashes working now

Daily MSC 3 Pic

Posted by AntoArts-Admin - May 27th, 2008

I wasn't able to make jesus, yet....

Well, second MSC 3 pic for today