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Thank you, and sorry

2011-03-12 17:35:37 by AntoArts-Admin

I know how much you have waited for MSC3: Evo, and I have too. The problem is, I have lost interest in Flash development, and do other kinds of programming these days. It is truly hurting to say this, and I am disappointed, but it might never come out. It doesn't mean it will never come, but as it looks now, it most likely won't. I thought explaining the situation, while being the least I could do, would be right. I want to thank you all very sincerly for the great times we have had, I want to thank you for your interest and support. I want to thank you all, you were much greater than I was.

Hold your thumbs up though, things might change. I hope so. Sorry all, I'm very disappointed at myself. Hope you guys are not as sad as I am.

I just made a list of things there is left to do to finish the one extension taking forever, MSC 3: Evolution. I would say that there is less than 60 hours of actual work left and I will work a lot now during the summer (at least 2 hours a day, let's say I work 2 hours every day, and an extra 2 hours every third day, that makes an average of 2,66 hours a day and therefore need roghly 22 and a half day to finish it, and I will AT LEAST work this much, but maybe even more)

So look forward people!

I just figured out dumpinggrounds is rather cool, so I uploaded this


2009-12-29 12:36:46 by AntoArts-Admin

This is about MSC 3: Evolution, it won't come out this year. I didn't make it. I hope to release it as soon as possible, but there was so much getting in my way, I couldn't get it done in time. I'm sorry, I promised, promised to release it before the new year...

To be honest, I lately haven't felt like working on it, that, and many things getting in my way made it impossible to get it released in time.

Most of the game/update is still done, I will not put up a release date, as I don't want to disappoint you like this time, like before the release of the original game, I suck at making realistic release dates.

I still want to thank you for all your support, and I hope you guys will understand this, even if it partially was my own fault. Thank you for supporting me, thank you for all your contributions in form of ideas and critic. Sorry...

You asked for it!

2009-10-31 12:55:57 by AntoArts-Admin

Here's some more screenshots from MSC 3: Evo....

User Interface
A bunch of objects


MSC 3: Evolution Splash/Load Screen

2009-09-02 10:30:25 by AntoArts-Admin

Look, it's bloody!!

Micro scene: Check Out!!!!

MSC 3: Evolution Splash/Load Screen


Bloody enough?

MSC 3 Evolution - Body Parts with Nails

So, I've planned to release sequels to the following games this year:

MSC 3: MSC 3: Evolution features better graphics, easier UI, more stuff, interactive objects etc...
Errors '08: Errors '09 is a logical name. This will feature more than 100 joke errors. New features are bluescreens and linux errors!
Floor of Irritation: Another logical name for a sequel: Floor of Irritation 2. Features features like status and medals, 4 game modes (enhanced mode, classic mode, online challenge mode, extreme challenge mode) and so on...

Nice titles in my opinion, what's your thoughts?

Featuring, the alpha tool

2009-02-14 03:19:31 by AntoArts-Admin

Create cool effects with the new alpha tool in MSC 3: Evolution. 3 transparency levels! Worth waiting for!

Featuring, the alpha tool

So, do you think MSC3 needs a new music selection? If you think so, please tell me what song(s) by number should be changed, and what it should be changed to (link to it in the audio portal). Please give a motivation as well...

Here's a new screenshot (streetfighter costume + my original sketch):

Music for MSC 3: Evolution